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An Investment for Your Future

 Piano lessons in our Studio are available for all skill levels from beginners through advanced. We are family-oriented and serve all ages from 5yo to senior—you can play music throughout your lifetime!   


Welcome to our Piano Studio located at 149 Clay St, Quincy, MA 02170. Lessons are offered in-person, hybrid, and online. 

You might be wondering if piano lessons are the right fit for you or your child? You are welcome to try lessons out for FREE here at iK Piano Studio. We offer free Trial Lessons to all new students. Anyone interested can take one free 45-minute lesson per family (in-person or online). And after this free trial period if you would like to continue we can talk further about the other lessons. Classes are available in English/Russian languages. All ages starting from 5yo and up. Adults Welcome!  

We offer Annual Music Concerts with Award Ceremonies and teach a variety of styles from classical to popular music, scales, theory, music writing, and improvisation for all skill levels from beginners through advanced.

You never know how far you can go until you take that first step, so get started today! 




It All Starts Here

Whether your goal is to learn new skills, perform in front of a big audience or launch an independent business, iK Piano Studio is the perfect place to build the foundation. We’re dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for successful futures, both personally and professionally. Take a look through our site to learn more.



 Are you accepting new students?

 Yes, we are.


Where are you located?

 We are located in Quincy MA, but besides in-person piano classes we also provide online classes statewide and countrywide.


Do your students get opportunities to perform?

Yes, we usually host Annual Music Concerts & Award Ceremonies where the students at iKPS program perform at their annual Piano Recital. Students are very comfortable performing and sharing their achievements in front of crowds. 


What type of music do you teach?

We offer piano lessons for all skill levels from beginners through advanced. Variety of styles from classical to popular music, scales, theory, music writing and improvisation.

Students learn correct techniques and instrumental skills, emotional expression through music, and theoretical knowledge.

 I meet students where they are, regardless of age or musical experience. I foster musical skills based on a student's goals in a fun and nurturing environment, with musical engagement and creativity at the forefront of my mind.  


Does a live online lesson have the same quality as a in-person lesson? What are the main differences?

Yes, the quality is the same. Online lessons over the internet have been more effective than in-person for several factors:


Students are more concentrated at the beginning of each lesson and with all the material are ready to be used;


The online lesson allows the teacher to see how the student interacts with their at-home piano. 


They improve a student’s level of responsibility,  requiring them to make their marks in their books and write down their assignments


Teachers can show piano movements by angles not typically used in the classroom. In the online classroom it is possible to reposition the camera to have the ideal perspective on the screen (without having the student twists himself to see it);


It is easier to record lessons, exchange links, documents and notes, and optimize class time and resources available to study between lessons.


Plus, they allow for more flexible scheduling 


How much practice is necessary?

Daily practice is essential. To make great progress, regular quality practice is necessary. Students are expected to practice daily from 25 to 90+ minutes a day, depending on their level and the number of pieces they are studying.


What benefits can come from learning the piano?

Piano gives an understanding of music, history, and art. It helps students in multitasking, working in an intelligent and time-efficient way, and handling projects easily. Music helps in recognizing patterns, fine motor skills, work ethic, and most importantly gives students an outlet for expression.


What do you love about teaching piano?

I tailor my lessons to my students, and the more I teach the more I learn about my own approach. I also really enjoy working with students of all ages – every student brings their own interests and personalities, and we end up learning from each other. It is also a privilege to pass on what I have learned from my own teachers and mentors.


I didn’t take music lessons as a child, is it going to be harder for me as an adult?

Children who take music lessons as a child are naturally in a better position to continue piano lessons as adults. These music lessons carve neural pathways that make future learning easier. However, non-musically trained people are not as disadvantaged as one might think as the brain is always ready to learn new things and build new neural pathways at any age.


Why do children learn music faster than adults?

In all reality, this is a perception created by the amount of time dedicated to practice and the passion with which the student is pursuing music. Naturally, children have less busy lives than adults and can devote more time to the music. Plus, their parents often set daily practice schedules. Adults tend to excuse themselves from practicing when their day gets too busy.

It is true that children are often quite eager learners with sponge-like brains that absorb new information quickly. However, plenty of adults skip through their lessons quicker than their youthful counterparts with focus and daily practice. Adults have more ability to understand the complexity and coordination involved in playing piano, whereas kids have to take baby steps – no pun intended.


What's the best age to begin learning piano?

We prefer the youngest age to be 5 years old. However, it really depends on the child's interest and attention span. Some are not ready to fully commit until they are older- when their motor skills are better developed and doing two or three things at once comes easier. At the same time, there have been examples where a 5yo student was able to read notes and play songs after 5-6 months of lessons the same as a 8yo student who had been taking piano for almost 2 years.

If you have a 3 or 4 yo, we recommend music exposure until they show strong interest in specifically playing piano. Show them how to clap to songs with different rhythms, introduce different instruments with the sounds they make, have them listen to a classical song, observe a pianist play a fast song compared to a slow one, and let them try a musical or piano app on an iPad are several examples. As a parent, you can influence and nurture the desire to learn more music. 


I am an older adult with no musical background? Can I learn to play piano?

Yes, we teach adults of all ages. We've even had someone begin learning in their 60's. How long does it take to become a decent piano player? Well that solely depends on your practice time. We recommend 30 minutes of piano every day. Repetition is the key to retention and development of a new skill. 


We don't have a piano. Can we use a keyboard and what kind should we purchase? 

Starting off on a keyboard is just fine. We teach on keyboards of all sizes and qualities. However, the sooner you can upgrade, the better. Cheaper keyboards have springy keys which are very unlike a real piano. It can really throw off a student during a recital when they are expected to perform on a piano when they are used to light, springy keyboard keys. There are wonderful keyboards available that very similar to piano keys, but they are also higher in cost. It's not so much of "which brand", but the features that the keyboard offers. When looking to purchase a keyboard, we recommended searching for "fully weighted keys", "hammer action", and "touch sensitive". If those are too expensive, "semi-weighted" will be second best. You will need to purchase a keyboard stand, stool, and pedal as well. The benefits of having a keyboard over a piano, is that it never goes out of tune. If you have a piano, you will need to pay to have it tuned anywhere from 1-4 times a year. 



Do I need a piano teacher?

Lots of people wonder about this before they begin lessons. After all, there are many video lessons on the Internet, and there are even books about teaching yourself the piano. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these resources, but it generally is wise to work with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor at some point, particularly if you want to take your piano playing to a level that goes beyond personal enjoyment.

Piano students who simply want to sit down occasionally to play their favorite tunes do not necessarily require a teacher, but there is no substitute for the guidance and insight that a quality instructor can provide. The one-on-one instruction that you receive on a weekly basis is what makes your playing more competent and polished. If it is your desire to play professionally or even study at a high level, then formal lessons are definitely the right starting point.

Here are some of the benefits of using a piano teacher:


Learn proper playing technique.


Immediate correction of bad habits.


Better understanding of the fundamentals.


Good opportunities to ask questions.


On which days and times can I schedule my lessons?  

The iK Piano Studio is open 4 days a week: Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm to 8:30pm.  




For every friend you refer, your friends get discounts on their first month of piano lessons and you get discounts on your next month of lessons after the person you refer become the iKPS member as well. 



Stay tuned for release schedules, new posts and newest updates of upcoming events:



Welcome to our iKPS Annual Music Concert & Award Ceremonies where the students at the iKPS program performed at their annual Piano Recital: 


iKPS 2020 Music Concert


iKPS 2022 Music Concert


iKPS 2023 Music Concert


We have a fantastic collection of photos from all the Music Concerts we organized before 2020. Please take a look at our photo albums to relive those moments of joy and music.


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